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Designer's Story


When was the starting point of my creative life? I guess it all started the first time I drew my self-portrait. I was around 7 years old, caught a cold with a terrible sore throat.. My mom wrapped a shawl around my neck, and I was not allowed to go to school that day. Even in those early days, I didn't like to be unoccupied, so I took out a pencil, sat comfortably in front of a mirror and drew my face just as it was - in a shawl, with my hair aside. I looked like “Alyonka” from the chocolate wrap.

Later on I have received excellent education in Russia and Europe, learned a lot of useful theory and practice from great professors, and my hobby became my favorite profession. Are you ready to hear more? Then let's start...


Hi! My name is Elena Statsenko, I'm an interior designer, and today I’m going to introduce you to a world of wonder and beauty.


A person mostly perceives what he or she sees and hears as something already familiar, and the challenge of a designer is to turn it into a game of imagination, to discover another side, to figure out the untold story and, if necessary, even turn it upside down. This is all for a reason to show the hidden ideas that are far beyond the obvious.


The creative process should be approached creatively, that’s why it is far from the best approach to just start working on planview drawings or furniture placement. A good designer focuses first and foremost on the concept, design and stylistic ideas, and only then moves onto the technical drawings, estimates, and project documentation.


One day a customer asked me to design him a house. And not just a building, but truly a home of his dreams. From the very first steps the designer has to get into the customer’s thoughts, to get to know all his wishes, and to get all the information which the client believes is not so important for a designer or just simply forgets to mention it during your first meetings. So in total we have:

The property is located on the coast, with a breath-taking view of nature, mountains and the water. We know the cardinal direction and where the sun rises and sets.  We also know that the client wants to wake up with the gentle morning sun in the bedroom, but not blinded from the rays of sunshine in his eyes...He wants his office to be connected by the glass gallery with his bedroom, have a view of the water, which would stimulate the flow of energy and bring on the positive creative thoughts. Since the family members don’t spend much time in the kitchen, it is not that important. However, since frequent guests and family dinners are of big importance in their lives, the dining and living rooms should be spacious, bright, have a view to the sunsets and have a fireplace.


At this point, I asked this person to close his eyes and imagine being already in this house, to describe what he was feeling, even such details as: what sounds he hears, what smells he inhales, what materials he touches with pleasure… It turned out that he likes yachts, sand, sea and warm stone and wood under the feet.


I often visit art, photography and interior exhibitions, as well as magazines and internet, in search of new products, trends and inspiration. And suddenly during this conversation, a round bridge, one of the excellent works of an architect Olafur Eliasson, comes to my mind…

... and I suggest to the customer to have more rounded shapes of the rooms facing the water, with a corresponding terrace to match. Because what are the significant parts of the yacht? Frame, mast, sails. Therefore, a reminder of a mast could be the chimney of a fireplace, a reminder of the sails could be cable-stayed blinds to create a cool shade in a sunny day. The entrance to the house leads to the yard, living room through a spacious hall also with glass inserts to give the transparent view to the water. In the central part we have a green yard with flowers, trees and woven patio furniture to relax. Here we can also grow some food plants to eat.


It is nice if the customer knows what he or she likes, but to understand everything is not his responsibility. Because the mission of the designer to understand the dream and the vision of the client it is necessary for the designer to become client’s eyes, ears, feelings, and not just fulfill and execute all the client’s wishes, but to push him to make the right steps and, if necessary, advise him against making the mistakes.


When the concept and style of the future interior becomes clear, color range is chosen, and all of the proposed layouts are discussed and agreed upon – it is time to start working with a large variety of materials to come up with a visual and tactile demonstration. This phase of the project is quite long, extending and possibly overlapping the final stage of the design project, the final selection of materials, sanitary system, furniture, light and décor.


A visual representation of how your future interior will look is an important part of the design process. However, it is not always necessary to have a photo-realistic visualization created in a 3D program. I personally prefer to make high quality colorful sketches or a collage, which not only immerse me in the creative process but also  create a certain degree of excitement and intrigue for a customer.


And of course no good design can possibly be made without you - my customers. So first of all I thank you for trusting me, my ideas, and for a desire to make this world happier and more beautiful. I am Elena Statsenko, and I truly look forward to meeting you and making your new ideas a reality!


Elena Statsenko

A special thank is to a showroom of design furniture Cosmorelax for its wonderful Atmosphere

Filming and editing by DenisBerezin Studio

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