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Design project work stages


Hi! I'm Elena Statsenko, a designer of residential and public space interiors. Nice to meet you!
Customers are often concerned about what design project consists of, so I'm happy to tell you about all the steps of my work:


Design concept

After signing the contract we discuss every detail, including what books you read, which hand you use for writing, what the name of your pet is, and what name you would give to that distant star :) It is important to me to think the way you think and to make the design comfortable for you starting with the very first drafts.
At this stage I focus on the concept and style of your requests, measure the space, study its special aspects, propose a layout with furniture and draft sketches to understand the total volume.


Layout draft

When the layout is finalized, we start making it more detailed. We add colors and fragments to the draft, we start on the detailed drawings, and discuss preliminary choice of the furniture, light and finishings. We discuss the budget. We discuss ceilings, floors and electricity.



Sometimes it's hard to understand all of designer’s drafts and ideas. That is why visual representation of your future interior is an inherent part of a design process. However, it is not always necessary to have photo-realistic visualizations made with 3D software. Personally, I prefer well-made colored drafts and collages.


Working documentation

You'll need patience at this stage, because you'll have to make multiple visits, look, select, and even touch and smell... Together we'll travel around show-rooms, drink full-flavored coffee and enjoy the world of beauty and design. It is important to me that you are well prepared for the renovation. For this reason, all selected finishing materials, furniture and everything else required will be included in the working design specification.


Detailed working documentation will include:

- alterations and installation/ removal of partitions

- placement of furniture and plumbing fixtures

- ceiling layouts

- floor layouts

- electricity layout

- arrangement of light fixtures and their hook-up pattern

- elevation view of all the rooms with specifying types of finishing

- drawings required to manufacture furniture and other items to order

- detailed specifications of all of the above


All the information above is gathered into an album and printed for you in two copies.
Usually qualified and well thought-out design project takes at least 6 weeks. Depending on the number of rooms, their area, complexity of design and the ability of the customer to make quick decisions, these time frames could increase.


Designer Supervision

Designer supervision is a pretty difficult, meticulous and critical period. It includes reconciling inches, tracking deliveries, picking shades, and making sure the work team is closely following the design specifications. Let me take care of it, and now your only job is to make decisions and enjoy the implementation of the project.

In addition to the pleasure to our joint creative work you will get a bunch of pleasant bonuses: such as discounts, including those for your future projects, life-long consultations about all design issues, and a free professional photo-shoot of your new cozy interior. On top of that, I like to add my own touch to the projects, or leave an autograph, so to say – draw, decorate, contrive personally... and in the end of designer supervision you will certainly get a gift-surprise from me. Which one? I don't know yet, this is why it is called a surprise, for both you and me. I will find out about it closer to the end – when I get to know you better, know your habits and wishes.


This is a designer Elena Statsenko, and we’ll see each other next time with our new ideas!

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